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I know their birthdays are on August 12th but I’ll just do this now :)
Happy 22nd and 14th birthday to Christina and Lauren Cimorelli! 
Christina Lynne Cimorelli - Happy 22nd birthday!:) You are truly growing into a wonderful leader and you always help organize the group. We are grateful for that and without you Cimorelli wouldn’t be the same :) I love your voice and I just can’t wait to hear it in person. I hope you and Lauren have a wonderful birthday! :D
Lauren Christine Cimorelli - Happy 14th birthday!:) (Hey I’m 2 days older than you!) You are definitely growing really fast! :O haha. You have greatly improved over the last 2 years. Your voice is so wonderful and when you harmonize… amazing! We need to hang out 1 day :D I hope you and Christina have a wonderful birthday! :D